Alice Little from Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Alice Little is a popular Model, adult actress, and the top legal luxury companion at Dennis Hof’s world-famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. In issue #1 of Elite Angels Nude Magazine, she talks about video games, relationship and she bares all for you. 

Alice Little

Where are you originally from? I was born in Ireland but moved to the states when I was very young. I grew up in Long Island, NY.
What are you reading now? Sex at Dawn, by Christopher Ryan.
What are your top 10 favorite video or arcade games? Final Fantasy Series, Mortal Kombat, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Farcry Series, Overwatch, Unreal Tournament, Alien Vs Predator 2, Sniper Elite Series, and Call of Duty Series.
What turns you on and off? I’m Sapiosexual, I love a man or a woman with a brain.
What is your ideal perfect date? I would love to go to a history museum or an ethically run zoo or wildlife preserve.

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