Submission Terms


  • How do I get the magazine cover? Submit amazing full nude images.
  • May I do implied nude? Not for the nude edition, our nude edition is our most popular magazine. 
  • Do people still read magazines? Yes, magazines and books are still popular. But people only buy what they are interested in. Our magazine now includes puzzles, games, and more. 
  • I have great photos, but my photographer doesn’t retouch images. Send your images and if we approve your image we will retouch it.
  • My vagina is open in some of the shots, May I still submit it? Yes, We don’t restrict our models.
  • May I open my vagina in my photos? Yes, We don’t restrict our submissions.
  • May I shoot with my sexy friend or girlfriend? Yes, we allow multiple female models.
  • May I wear shirts and clothing with logos? Yes, we can remove the logo or censor the logo. But you may wear clothing lines that sponsor you in your full nude shoot. 
  • How many times can I submit to Dream Angel Magazine? You can submit anytime and we publish models multiple times.
  • May I wear sunglasses? Yes.
  • May I wear a mask in my submission? Yes.
  • May I be creative with my shoots? Yes please do.
  • May I do cosplay? Yes, Our reader has low cosplay.

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