Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are banning sexual emojis, Nudity, lesbian photos, and words like Nude. This comes after Models, strippers, and sex workers have made thousands of dollars on their platform. Models can get their accounts deleted for posting Only Fans and other pay-per-view links.

However, Many SW models are creating free Only Fans to combat Facebook’s heavy-handed censorship.

Facebook blocked my personal Facebook and deleted Lucy Risque’s Instagram this week. Follow her backup account and click here. 

The social media giant is cracking down on models’ live streams also. If found posting nudity, your account could be shadowbanned or deleted. Twitter is better for sex workers but is deleted models, and SW, accounts.

A few content creators voiced their concert since Kamala Harris just became the Vice president. Some said she may pass legislation that targets Content creators online and offline. She was a major part of the SESTA/FOSTA bill passed last year.


The best thing a model could do is invite their fans to one of the platforms above and post nudity on these platforms.

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Renaldo Creative

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